Another launch date slip…. and the launch prep progress.


Bad news from ESA  last night…

“Arianespace has announced today a launch delay of a few days, originating from an incident during a qualification test sequence of elements of theupper stage performed in Europe, as this could effect the corresponding  hardware on our rocket.”

Annoying, but not much we can  do. Herschel itself is moving through its launch prep without any  issues:

Today the IRR for the Herschel CDMU OBSW update was held. The new software version, that has been fully validated on the AVM, contain some minor updates, which are not impacting the instrument interfaces at all. However, after implementation on the FM CDMU next Monday, all 3 Herschel instruments will be switched on by proven IST procedures, in order to demonstrate functionality.

– Helium top-up is on going (Currently pumping)

– Herschel move to BAF and follow-on activities will also be delayed by a few days”

So,  all we can do is wait for the new date – hopefully  the slip will  not be significant.


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