Blogging from French Guiana


Planck’s Andrew Jaffe (Imperial College London) is attending the launch and has posted his launch blog on our sister Planck Mission blog:

L-Day is only a day away now, and all is progressing smoothly. Rollout is scheduled for later today, and we’ll be blogging from the SPIRE Operations Center at RAL tomorrow with all the latest updates….. stay tuned!


3 Responses to “Blogging from French Guiana”

  1. phoenixpics Says:

    GREAT blog, thanks for letting us peek “behind the scenes” of this fascinating mission. Best of luck for tomorrow!

    Stu (Cumbrian Sky)

  2. Stijn Ilsen Says:

    I have been in Kourou for 3 months, working on HERSCHEL. I kept a blog on It is in Dutch, but it has a lot of pictures and movies.

  3. Blogging from French Guiana | Guiana today Says:

    […] Read the rest here: Blogging from French Guiana […]

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