PV Phase Continues


Things have been rather quiet of late. This isn’t because nothing is happening. Quite the opposite in fact – lots of work is being done to get the instruments fulling calibrated and their observing modes fully working.

Great progress is being made with our instrument, SPIRE, and lots of interesting things are being seen, but the scientists working on the instrument aren’t allowed to do science with the data being taken at the moment and anyway don’t have time to do it, since they’re hard at work getting the performance tests and calibration done.

Good things, very good things, are on their way though. The first public release of these will be in the middle of December once the initial science observations and the first steps of data analysis have been completed.


3 Responses to “PV Phase Continues”

  1. Emanuel Says:

    Can you give us an estimate of how much clearer the fully calibrated images will be than the sneak peak we’ve already seen?

    • Dave Says:

      What do you mean by clearer?

      There might be some marginal improvements in resolution as the scanning strategy is tuned and as pointing reconstruction has got better, but much of the structure seen in the SPIRE early release images is real. The faint blobs in the background aren’t noise, they’re real high redshift far-IR luminous galaxies. Depending on the details of the scientific programme some future images will be deeper than the one’s you’ve already seen, so fainter structures and objects will become more obvious.

      Clearer, as you can see, is a difficult term. The future images will certainly be better, and will be properly calibrated for scientific use unlike the early release images.

      • Emanuel Says:

        Alright, I guess it is hard to define: I was thinking of resolution and clarity. I knew the ‘blobs’ weren’t noise though, don’t worry 🙂

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