HIFI wakes from its slumber


Some excellent news to report – the HIFI instrument on Herschel (the high resolution spectrometer) has been successfully switched on after lying dormant for 4 months, after suffering an unwanted voltage peak in the electronic system of HIFI, which in August led to a faulty diode in a DC/DC convertor.

After several months of troubleshooting and the development of a new operating procedure to prevent a similar occurence, HIFI was commanded to switch on using its redundant electronics chain on Sunday, followed by an upload of revised software and a “Short Functional Test” – a complete HIFI health check. All were carried out successfully.

The next step in HIFI’s rehab comes in the new year – the instrument was only starting its performance verification effort, so an an intense post-Christmas re-commissioning and calibration campaign is required to bring HIFI back up to speed and ready to use for regular observing as per SPIRE and PACS.



4 Responses to “HIFI wakes from its slumber”

  1. Chronik des Universums: erste Dezember-Hälfte 2009 « Skyweek Zwei Punkt Null Says:

    […] 8. Dezember: Herschels HIFI funktioniert wieder, aber richtig los geht’s erst nach […]

  2. geert verhoeven Says:

    Apparantly, HiFi is back in business !


  3. geert verhoeven Says:

    More details about the HiFi re-activation.:


  4. Wera Nulla Says:

    Dank dir, endlich habe ich dies kapiert 🙂

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