Galactic Cold Cores with Herschel and Planck


Cold cores trace hidden regions of star formation and thus the earliest stages of this process. Planck (see also their mission blog) allows cold cores to be found and Herschel can then follow them up. Planck should be able to produce an unbiased catalog of >>1000 cold cores.

Not much can be said about the Planck results at the moment, but the Planck First Light Survey has produced some sources for followup. 3 fields observed, showing lots of detail of these enigmatic sources. Two are associated with ongoing star formation but one is quiescent. Dust temperatures as low as 10-13K are found.



2 Responses to “Galactic Cold Cores with Herschel and Planck”

  1. Robert Bradbury Says:

    Why is it assumed that “cold cores” must be associated with “star formation”? Could they not just as easily be associated with older, and therefore colder, Matrioshka Brains?

    Particularly when one cites something such as a “quiescent” cold core, presumably one not associated with star formation, one should be open for consideration of alternatives such as larger than solar system sized engineered superobjects surrounding older stars.

    It is also worth noting that older Matrioshka Brains are likely to have matter resource shortages. So if one happens to develop in a region of space which is short of carbon abundant stars and/or white dwarfs it might be reasonable to assume that they would undertake harvesting material from nearby molecular clouds.

    • Dave Says:

      Will have to ponder this wearing my astroengineering hat. I think one issue may be that they’re cold but not as optically think as something approaching a Matrioshka brain would be, but as an extragalactic astronomer I’m not that up to speed on cold cores.

      Great to see you here!

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