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Herschel and Planck: The Radioshow!

July 5, 2009

Those of you who couldn’t get to the Royal Society Summer Exhibition last week will have missed the Herschel and Planck stands. However, you can get some of the excitement from the recording of a talk by Chris North on the two satellites.

Image taken at 10 microns showing how skin is hotter than clothes

Image taken at 10 microns showing how skin is hotter than clothes

You’ll also have missed the chance to get an infrared portrait of yourself, btu will also have missed the sweltering London weather.


Herschel at the Royal Society

June 13, 2009

[slightly modified from a similar post at the Planck Mission Blog]

The Herschel mission will be represented at this year’s Royal Society Summer Science Exhibition. This prestigious event, hosted every year at the Royal Society, in London, allows around 20 different groups of scientists to present their work, covering all fields of science. This year, scientists from around the UK working on Herschel and Planck will be presenting an exhibit entitled “From the oldest light to the youngest stars: the Herschel and Planck missions“.

The exhibition is completely free to members of the public, and is open from Tuesday 30th June until Saturday 4th July. We will have scale models of Planck and Herschel, and will allow visitors to explore both the Universe and the world around them at different wavelengths. A key attraction should be an infrared camera, which will allow people to have their infrared portrait taken. There will also be an interesting way of viewing the sky at a number of wavelengths, and of course freebies to take away. The stars of the show, though, should be the scientists themselves. We will be there to explain what we are doing with these exciting missions, and to answer all the questions you might want to ask.

So if you’re in London in a couple of weeks, pop into the Royal Society and see the exhibition. With 21 exhibits covering a huge range of groundbreaking research areas there should be something for everyone – and there’ll almost certainly be something that grabs your attention that you had no idea existed.

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